Guest Lectures

» print@mit

» Ptolemy

» Masumi
Location, Sensors, and NFC

» Dropbox- Tony Grue
Building High Performance Mobile UIs

» Facebook- David Alves
The History of Faceweb

Lecture Slides

» Monday, January 7th
Intro and Android Fundamentals

» Tuesday, January 8th
Services, Broadcast Receivers, AsyncTask

» Wednesday, January 9th
Data Handling, Storage Options

» SQL Handout
One Page SQL Reference

» Thursday, January 10th
Git Workflow, SQL Example

Lab Handouts

» Lab 1
Activities, UI, Resources, Popups

» Lab 2
Services, startActivityforResult, AsyncTask

» Lab 3
Data Storage, Preferences, Git and SQL

» Holiday Cards
Complete Lab Code through Day 3

» Lab 4
Styles and Themes