2012 Winning Teams

First Place Prize Winner: Ptolemy

Joshua Ma, Sabeel Saif Hakim, Thomas Georgiou

Never get lost at MIT again. Ptolemy is the solution to navigating through the confusing maze that is the Institute. Look up nearby bathrooms, Athena clusters, and classrooms, or simply explore campus on the go. Bookmark your classes, and Ptolemy becomes your personal guide through the halls of MIT!

Prize: $6,570 + Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phones for each member

Second Place Prize Winner: Print@MIT

Sarah Edris, Stephanie Yu, Qian Long

Need to print on the go? Need to know which printers are available? Get all that and more with print@mit! print@MIT is an app that lets MIT students print from their phones and view up to date information about printers. Students can print documents, images, and web sites and view printer statuses and locations on an interactive map. Students will also be able to "favorite" printers that they use often for easy tracking. print@mit will make printing a more convenient experience for all users.

Prize: $3,000 + Samsung Galaxy S II Phones for each member

Third Place Prize Winner: Nom Nom Now

Adisa Kruayatidee, David Ogutu, Chen-Hsiang (Jones) Yu

Never go hungry (and possibly miss class due to malnourishment) again! Nom Nom Now allows the user to easily broadcast -- and more importantly, find -- free food. Free food announcements will be parsed from our server and broadcast to all users in real time. User broadcasts (food message and photo) automatically include the user's GPS coordinates for food stalkers' convenience. When searching for food, the map will display the location of food closest to the user. The list of feeds contains all free food broadcasts made recently. Clicking a food item in the list evokes a display with more detailed information about the food. When there is a free food message, Nom Nom Now will notify you instantly via the message.

Prize: $2,000 + Samsung Galaxy S II Phones for each member

Staff's Pick Honorable Mention: Clink

Vedha Sayyaparaju, Patricia Saylor, Wuqiong Fan

You want to meet up with a friend, project partner, or p-set buddy, but when are you both free? Avoid the frustration of sifting through your busy schedules--all you have to do is bump phones and Clink does the work for you! Choose from a view of your mutual free time and agree when to meet. Clink automatically adds the event to both of your calendars and exchanges your contact information, allowing you to call or text each other directly from the app. Clink. Blink. Done!

Prize: $1,000 + Samsung Galaxy S II Phones for each member

IS&T Honorable Mention: StudyBeacon

Leo Stein, Aviv Keshet, Nicolas Smith

StudyBeacon is an app to allow people to find and form impromptu study groups. A student interested in initiating a study group for a specific course can create a beacon. Other students who have added that course to their course lists can see active beacons on a map, and choose to move to the group study location and join the beacon.

Prize: $1,000 + Samsung Galaxy S II Phones for each member

Fidelity Investments Honorable Mention: BackPackTap

Mary Linnell, Nathan Villagaray-Carski, Christopher G Dolan

App where students can ask, answer, and follow questions during class, give lecture feedback, and answer clicker questions. Submissions rating lecture material and pace are provided in real time and in an aggregated view to the professor, along with student text comments. Users are alerted when followed questions are updated.

Prize: $1,000 + Samsung Galaxy S II Phones for each member