About the Competition

6.570 is MIT's annual IAP Mobile Development Competition. Teams of 2-3 students will have 4 weeks to design and build an Android application. This year, it will run from January 7th - January 31st, 2013. The first two weeks of the competition will consist of lectures given both by students and leading industry experts, covering the basics of Android development, as well as other relevant concepts and tools, to help the participants build great apps. The contest will culminate in a public presentation by all teams in front of a judging panel comprised of MIT faculty and professional developers. Great prizes and everlasting fame will be awarded to the champions of 6.570!


By the first day of classes in 6.570, we require all students who wish to continue with the class to group to form teams of 2-3 people. Smaller and larger teams will not be allowed. If you don't have a team, we can assign you one.